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The Unholy Preachers rock'n'roll-punk / Praha

„29.9 Varšava!“

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Text skladby Preachers

z alba Troublemakers

welcome to my fold
I know you search for something real
we have all that you wanna find
you will make a good deal
welcome to my temple
scent of danger among the flock
the love we offer is not false
the redemption is not mock

we´re no liars, we were called up

welcome to the right place
if you want to redeem your soul
we offer the best we´ve got
satisfaction is our goal

welcome to the sanctuary
where you can wash your sins away
we´ll set you on the right path
prepare you for the judgement day

all we need is your money
all we need is another obedient sheep

hey hey
the game we play
we will get your money anyway
do you believe this is a good deal?
do you believe our God is real?
hey hey
the game we play
we will get your money anyway
you think you´re clean for the judgement day
all we want is to make you pay