The.Switch is an emo-crossover band highly praised by the domestic critics primarily for their energetic live shows. The band's unique sound relies heavily on the raw noise of distorted bass that underlines the complex guitar work ranging from heavy riffing to melodic lead parts. The atmospheric instrumentation is spiced up by a charismatic vocalist who casts himself in a role of an uncompromising emotional preacher.


  1. Pravda (2022) mp3
  2. Tvář - The.Switch (2016) mp3
  3. Tětiva - Tětiva EP (2013) mp3
  4. Ve Víru - Na Dosah Part II (2000) mp3
  5. Nádech - Na Dosah Part III (2012) mp3
  6. Soumrakem - Na Dosah Part III (2012) mp3
  7. Hyena - Na Dosah Part III (2012) mp3


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