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The Sudden Streisands crossover-metal / Praha

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  • Queen of Hearts
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Hrajeme  metal, akustika, trochu emo.

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Bicí: Barbara S, Barbara 0
Kytary: Barbara D, Barbara G, Barbara D
Zpěv: Barbara 0, Barbara R
Texty: Barbara C




Like all emperors

reigning in fears

in smoke and mirrors

in many tiers


like this noble class

You feel lordly

above all the mass

You act boldly ;


You are so refined

when you torture

limits undefined

that's your nature


You're my queen of hearts

I'm Your pawn

one of you dullards

born from spawn




I will have to pay,

feel Your rage

if I disobey

you'll engage


If I disappoint 

pick abasement

send me to a point

beyond torment


If I loose in cards

life, in shame

as my queen of hearts

ends the game


end it with me!




truth that you dislodge 

lie in which you lodge

life that you debauch



soul no one can heal

tell me - are you real?

true or fiction?


Please, accept my pain

let me die in vain

there's nothing to gain

nothing is real


please, do it for me

like worst enemy

take my ordeal




Suck life from my veins

and arteries

this is where queen gains -

in myseries


Oh, your lethal kiss

tastes so tart

my soul's in abyss

falls apart


My life lies in gore


make it all be your



wear it in your dress 

and be worshipped

now that you posses

all my hardship




Reign your empire

by force and fire

like a vampire

inflict distress


No, You won't be fed

before I am dead

my mistress!


drink all my sorrow 

before tomorrow

devour all my woe 

my affliction


No, You can't be saved

even You're enslaved

by addiction




Cruel ceremony 

pain polyphony

Forge my agony

little harder.


By bewitchery

commit tretchery 

Set my misery

one step further!


She's the queen of hearts

lifes that she discards

fates of no regards

leaves depleted


one day by her guards

is the queen of hearts

in her graveyards

once defeated


(once and for all)


Bio a historie

2010, jaro:  CD "Barbara: Infekcni melodie"

2007, podzim:  Demo kazeta "Sklepni emo"