The Rising Sign - Album: No Tomorrow EP |

The Rising Sign alternative-indie / Dolný Kubín

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  • See That Glory
    Moments Like This
  • (In The Night) About Love
    Moments Like This
  • Liquid Mirror
    Moments Like This
  • Victim Of Shadows
    Moments Like This
  • No Tomorrow
    Moments Like This
  • Have To Change
    Moments Like This
  • Innocent Eyes
    Moments Like This
  • No One
    Moments Like This
  • Annie
    Moments Like This
  • Right Dress
    Moments Like This
  • Where
    Moments Like This
  • Lost
    Moments Like This
  • Bench In The Park
    Moments Like This
Digitální release

Producent: Adam Juščák, Jaro Plichta
Mix: Jaro Plichta
Mastering: Jaro Plichta
Album art: Igor Kupčo


No Tomorrow EP

8. 7. 2016

The Rising Sign

This release includes only excrepts from the album 'Moments Like This' released on November 13th, 2015.

Adam Juščák - vocals, guitars, piano, keyboard, percussions, arrangements
Martin Otto - drums

Addittional personnel:
Jaro Plichta - guitars, arrangements, mooding
Juraj Furda - 5 string bass, bass guitar
Agáta Kováčiková - backing vocals
Alexandra Líšková - additional piano

Recorded, mixed and mastered
@ Studio Apollo, Slovakia (2014-2015)

Produced by Adam Juščák and Jaro Plichta
Mixed and mastered by Jaro Plichta

All words and music written by Adam Juščák

Photos by Igor Kupčo

The Rising Sign is
Adam Juščák & Martin Otto