The Radicals originally from B-side - Text skladby Shadow monsters z alba The Radicals (originally from B-side) Ep 2014 |
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The Radicals originally from B-side country-punk / Praha

„The Radicals model 2020“

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Text skladby Shadow monsters

z alba The Radicals (originally from B-side) Ep 2014

Autor hudby: Jakub Petřík
Autor textu: Jakub Petřík

Shadow monsters come from clothes
Especially when the lights are off
If you sin you should be worried
Too late pray for a god

Common baby let’s get crazy
There is no time to run away
Make it last wish common common
You going to visit hell
And He said

Hey hou keep your head down
I’m the only one
Who will tell you orders what to do

Hey hou now you can yell
Scream and plead for help
No one will care this is a hell.

Are you sad, cause the life over?
Think all the bad you have done.
You should rather take the bullet,
before u went down on the run.

Screaming crying doesn't matter
He´s gonna take your soul
Last chance to feel like human
Before you go down thru that hole