The Radicals originally from B-side - Text skladby Right now z alba The Radicals (originally from B-side) Ep 2014 |
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The Radicals originally from B-side country-punk / Praha

„The Radicals model 2020“

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Text skladby Right now

z alba The Radicals (originally from B-side) Ep 2014

Autor hudby: Alan Houmani, Lesík Hajdovský
Autor textu: Alan Houmani, Jakub Petřík

We live on crowded planet, where everything is trash
Where people die in every moment for stupid cash
We spend a lot of money for useless defence
We spend our lives for fear of nonsense

Stop war.... human race sucks, right now....for a few bucks.
it is draw... planet is wrecked, please go....and never comeback

Our lives are ruled by money, dirty practice ain't no funny
Slaving as for every penny, we should change the point of view
Planet earth is slowly dying, raining forests whales are crying
As a human we got power, everything depends on?

You, me and us... right now keep strong …we got the power. Change be batter place

All this bollocks what is fake make me ill and stomach ache
I just want to choose the way where my life is gonna aim
I just want to change the way where my life is gonna aim

Once we cross the line it will be much more hard
Bring the level back to what use to be normal
It´s make me really fell, I want to shout and scream
Please, please, please stop this fucking endless fear