The Radicals originally from B-side - Text skladby Party girl z alba The Radicals (originally from B-side) Ep 2014 |
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The Radicals originally from B-side country-punk / Praha

„The Radicals model 2020“

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Text skladby Party girl

z alba The Radicals (originally from B-side) Ep 2014

Autor hudby: Jakub Petřík
Autor textu: Jakub Petřík, Alan Houmani

She really enjoying the party life, she loves the beer
She loves everything, what is weird
She even enjoy same music, as I do
But she has got one little problem She slept with you

But I don’t care, cause she is fucking hot
She has a nice boobs and her pussy taste so good
You only slept with her just once.

Why I met this girl, in friend’s house
On Friday party, I felt the chance
Came to me closer, right next to me
I couldn’t hold it I went for a pee

Hopefully she will stay, I don’t want to wait till another day
To see her pretty face, convince my friends I’m not a gay
She must be mine (tonight)

Next time I saw her, I pray for luck
We start to talk together, we had a crush.
After few drinks we went upstairs
She was barely dressed we had the sex

But after this sex, when she was dressing back
She ask me for this awesome fuck to pay her five hundred buck,
So I had to pay