The Peanuts - Text skladby Brittany z alba There Will Be Blues |
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The Peanuts blues-rock / Semily

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    There Will Be Blues
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    There Will Be Blues
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    There Will Be Blues
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    There Will Be Blues
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Text skladby Brittany

z alba There Will Be Blues

Autor hudby: Matěj Myslivec
Autor textu: Matěj Myslivec

Sitting on a cliff by the coast side
Ignoring everyone around
Keep watching the incoming high tide
And the waves crushing in the sound

And I have a strange feeling
Of tomorrow’s leaving
Like if I left part of myself behind
Sand will be wiped out by water
Snow will doom a flower
But these memories will survive in my mind
For anyone to find
Hidden in my mind

Well I must say farewells are always hard
Especially when Brittany stays so deep in my hearth

Surrounded by the epic wilderness
With guls flying over my head
I wish I could escape loneliness
But its me just me and my guitar instead

How Im gonna miss, the morning sunshine and the mist
I cant regret a single minute I spent here
Everything nice ends once, but you still have a chance
To return and see the cliffs again