The Peanuts - Text skladby Such a Loon z alba There Will Be Blues |
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The Peanuts blues-rock / Semily

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    There Will Be Blues
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    There Will Be Blues
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    There Will Be Blues
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    There Will Be Blues
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  • US Blues
  • Graduate Somehow
  • Homesick
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Text skladby Such a Loon

z alba There Will Be Blues

Autor hudby: Matěj Myslivec
Autor textu: Matěj Myslivec

Sitting in my bedroom all night long
Feeling bit messed up Im writing a new song
How sometimes life can be bad and cruel
And right now im feeling as the biggest fool
Cause I’ve got some duties to do
Fill some forms, write an article too

Well the deadline is getting close
Should be tomorrow I suppose
Oh man my mood could be pretty good
I sense its gonna be soon
I will refuse play the same old blues
Cause Im such a loon

Everyone’s sharing their experience
I listen well but words make no sense
Meaningless thoughts coming through my brain
I just ignore them why should I take the strain
Play guitar and drink some wine
Chill out, relax everything’s gonna be fine

Uncertain cant tell the exact date
I define my life the way I procrastinate

I know one thing that seems pretty cool
Act like rebel, ignore the school
No pain, no stress, just convenience
Playing the miraculous tune
Its not bad at all to be such an asshole
And such a loon
Such a loon, such a loon, Im such a loon