The Peanuts - Text a video Misery z alba There Will Be Blues |
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The Peanuts blues-rock / Semily

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    There Will Be Blues
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    There Will Be Blues
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    There Will Be Blues
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    There Will Be Blues
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Text skladby Misery

z alba There Will Be Blues

Autor hudby: Matěj Myslivec
Autor textu: Matěj Myslivec

My reflection pretends to be my shade
Bright sight, illusion that slowly fades
I hid everything behind the coolest mask
Oh babe but acting is more than a pretty tough task

Blues captured my soul
Scars that crossed my hearth
Between solid walls
Chaos obsessed my mind
Love tore me apart
And misery calls

Dark thoughts covered by mystery
Your low odds defines your misery
I’ve been played, terrible lost
Love and hate hurt the most
Oh misery

Empty promises, unexpected attitude
False sentences between the lines hide the truth
Time here wasted saved deep in those words
Feel frustrated, gloom echoes through my cords