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Theocracy power-metal / Athens

„Nový bubeník“

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Text skladby Drown

z alba As The World Bleeds

I see a ghost, a spirit
Walking on the water
He bids me come to Him
Without a boat
To walk upon the sea

So I jump over the edge
And take a step upon the water
I’m getting closer
As I feel the sea move
Underneath my feet

I feel the wind and hear
The roar of waves
That crash around me
And when they get their hold on me
I feel I’m going down
Please don’t let me drown

Like Peter all those years ago
Who looked away and sank below
When I sink in seas of doubt
Will You take my hand and pull me out?
The devil and the deep blue sea
With open arms awaiting me
But I won’t go down tonight
If I keep my eyes on You, I’ll be alright

God, the storms are heavy
And the waves have beaten me down
And the winds have turned me
Every which way
Round and round and round

It’s so hard to focus
But I don’t want to look away
Even when the waves grow higher
Every day
Higher every day

Waves and whirlwinds turn my eyes
Raging under threatening skies
The miracles of yesterday
Can sometimes seem so far away
Oh we of little faith, how quickly we forget

Solo: Val

Tired and battered by the waves
Won’t let the waters be my grave
Devotion deeper than the sea
The ocean’s tide won’t swallow me
A hand is reaching
I grab it and rise