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Them Darned Teenagers electronica-rave / Praha

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08. února 2016
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  • OG Maco - Unleash The Kraken (Them Darned Teenagers remix)
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • The Anthem (Of The Living Dead)
  • They Came Out Of Nowhere
  • Daydreams : Nightmares
  • Lethal Ladies
  • The Reaper
  • The History Of The Future
  • The Fallout
  • Automatic Brains
  • Meet me There - Pickung Up The Pieces (Them Darned Teenagers)
  • Downbelow - Other World (Them Darned Teenagers Remix)
  • Five Knives - Vive Le Roi (Them Darned Teenagers)
  • Nicky Romero - Symphonica (Them Darned Teenagers)
  • Black Light Burns - Scream Hallelujah (Them Darned Teenagers Rem
  • Them Darned Teenagers - We Are Fight Breed (feat. Joey)
  • Sunshine - We Carry a Third World Briefcase (ft. J.Pearson) (The

SKRILLEX na Pragovce 25/7

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Kruh se uzavre uz tento ctvrtek v pragovce!! 


We are so stoked to share this amazing news with you! This Thursday we will be supporting the one and only Skrillex + amazing Wiwek!! Together with our friend DJ HLAVA, we will be taking over the stage at 0:30!! Can't wait to meet you there 

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