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Zdeněk Škoda (The Faint Smile) alternative-indie / Praha

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  • Gasping For Air
  • We Used To Burst Out Laughing
  • The Maple Leaf
  • Could We Ever Be That Happy?
  • Reflections
  • Entrance
  • Leaving By Train (single edit)
    Leaving By Train (singl)
  • So Small
    Mirage (EP)
  • Mirage
    Mirage (EP)
  • White Nights
    Mirage (EP)
  • Rusting Away
    Mirage (EP)
  • Painsong
    The Last Seconds (album)

Text skladby Not Just For Today

z alba Labyrinth

Autor hudby: Zdeněk Škoda
Autor textu: Zdeněk Škoda

I remember the night on a tram stop...
They played The Cure
There was no doubt that I was really sure

So smile like you can smile
Like you've always been smiling
I want to see you giggle again

Laugh like you can laugh
Like you've always been laughing
I want to see you grin again

I stop asking myself what when why how who or which
I remember the kebab night with The Miserable Rich

So drink like we can drink
Like we've always been drinking
I want to see us plastered again

Not just for today