The Drain - Text skladby Old Willie & Mrs. G z alba Bangolia |
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The Drain garage-glam / Praha

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08. ledna 2018
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Text skladby Old Willie & Mrs. G

z alba Bangolia

Autor hudby: Daniel Šubrt
Autor textu: Daniel Šubrt

No I won't let you go
Right by my door
You sleep

Climb up the hill
Then down the stairs
Ready to do it in reverse
But never hit the road

Bound by my oath

Crawl on the floor
And smash them dreams
Ready to fill your empty schemes
Will you be crying for more
Let's hit the shore
What are you going for

I won't let you go
I never spoil the show
I won't let you know

Wasted and blind
Scattered around

Spending my time
Commiting innocent crime
Still wasted and blind

Locked up in the corner of my hotel room
Hoping that some day I might run into you
But never tell the truth
So many new ones to choose
So many to loose

come and fly with me
good bye my darling