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Evermore (dedicated to F.M.) / Lucie & The Diamonds (original)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 22.6.2011
This is our first original song we made with our band Lucie & The Diamonds called "Evermore". We dedicated it to Freddie Mercury (lead singer of Queen).

Track / Evermore (dedicated to F.M.)
Music and lyrics / Lucie Halamíková

Lucie Halamíková / lead vocal, choir vocals, music and video co-production
Jean Baptiste Origal / bass, backings and choir vocals, music and video co-production
Edi Vincek / drums
Drago Grgić / guitar, backings and choir vocals, music and video production

(C) 2011

Our special thanks to Helča and Neil !!!

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EVERMORE (lyrics)

Anytime I hear your song my heart is in bloom
Anytime I hear your voice sun shines in my soul
When you sing your melodies I´m thrilled deep inside
They´re like precious stones in the desert around

Often shy in hidden place, the great pretender outside
You put on another face for your party guise
The crowned King of rhapsodies on the shoulders of the crowd
but still a lonely boy with his gentle smile


When on stage you were so strong
an amazing power inside your voice
All the people around the world
Will listen to your singing for evermore
Oh, how I want you to stay
Oh, why would you just go away

And tonight another show there´s time to take a bow
You turned on all the lights for the last curtain call
The White Queen walks through her fame and glory shines
She´s going to reign till the end of time


When on stage .....