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The Diamonds - You & Me (original song)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 28.11.2013
This is our original song called You & Me. We are happy to introduce our special guest Matěj Drábek who plays cello. Hope you will enjoy with us...:-)
The Diamonds

Music / The Diamonds
Track / You & Me
Music & lyrics / Lucie Halamíková
Music & video production / The Diamonds
(C) 2013

Lucie Halamíková / lead vocal, piano
Drago Grgić / guitar, synths, backong vocals
Matěj Drábek (special guest) / cello


Lyrics :

You and me

Just one day
Just one night
can be that extraordinary time in our lifes

Just one month
Just one year
can be the only time for to share
with somebody else dearest to our hearts

You and me
without words without dreams
Talk to me I want to hear
what you say and what you want
how do you feel
Close your eyes and cuddle up to me

Time goes by
day by day
so try to catch all precious moments
so try to catch all precious moments