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Text skladby Raptora

z alba Single "Raptora"

Autor hudby: Bogdan Ahmedov, Nikita Tarassenko & Jiří Willander
Autor textu: Maksym Vulčyn

Lift your head up to see your death above the sky
I want to see remorse in your eyes
Lift your head up a hope is just an ugly lie
I'm gonna cut it off with your head

Devastated and decapitated
No mercy, no fear and no doubts
Your life means nothing for us
Our soul is faded we are loaded with hatred
Why were we created?
Close ranks to fight the death tonight

Honoris! Imperium! Uirtus
Gloria! Victorius! Raptora
Raise kine-shields my brothers
Legio! Basileus! Magnus

Came to kill, will peel your face skin
My will can mill your soul like a windmill
I spill your guts and that's what I wanna feel
You will regret every moment you lived in...

I DESPISE you! There is not word to describe how I HATE you.
For all the suffering and pain that we came through
For our devotion and love we've got a stab. Who
You think you are? We're coming for your soul, we are...

РАПТОРА! Мы смерть парящая во тьме
РАПТОРА! Ты предал нас, своих детей
РАПТОРА! Не смоешь кровь стольких смертей
РАПТОРА! Варп ждет нас у своих дверей

Bow down before an imminent death
We'll steal your breath
Your hopes are dead, your God is deaf
Obey or pray - we'll hunt our prey, rrrah!


Red tongues of fire are dancing on our graves
Prospero was our home, now it's a giant tomb
Betrayed by our "unflawed", the Wolf became the Dog
You've been misled, we know
But hands are stained with blood.
The blood of Thousand Sons.
So now with no remorse
We'll dip our claws in your guts
Deluded Russ and wolves!

Conjuration is our damnation
Bolter shot is your salvation
High blood pressure, vein pulsation

Hope you like our presentation
Primal fear and devastation
Bringing total annihilation