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The Colorblinds pop-rock / Praha

„V pátek 21.6. po roce v Praze, Chapeau Rougue!“

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Text skladby Forces

z alba Singles 2015

Autor hudby: Marek Fialka, Vít Soural
Autor textu: Vít Soural

Obtained a code
Forces lead my road
Voices on the phone
My life's just gonna load

I'm scared of a change for a moment
But all I'm asking for is to take my hand
My words remain unspoken
Sometimes I fail and I just can't stand up

REF: Aaah
Forces lead my road
Doesn't matter what you say
Just don't forget my name
Aaaah I believe in you

Real changes say
That the mountains will be staying in my way when I'm thinking about her
The ideal state
Rejected by my hate and stress of just being normal

I'm scared of a change for a moment
All I'm asking for is to take my hand
My vows remain unbroken
The day I fall is not the end


Like a little shell on the land
You Can't find any traces in the sand
Everything seems so innocent

Like a butterfly in my hand
Having the feeling as it can't get away
It's just feeling so afraid