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The BladderStones blues-crossover / Slaný

„27.2. - 29.2. 2020 MORAVA“

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Text skladby Runaway

z alba Without Cover (2017)

Autor hudby: The BladderStones
Autor textu: The BladderStones

Cold hands, four walls in a box
Full of sand I´ve dreamt about
Bare feet without socks
Still wonder who is my boss
Grasp for a cigarrette breath, took a trip with meth

The Beatles running through my ear
Don´t know how this ever could be
After the drugs forever colour my eyes
Still be thinking yellow dye
Being twenty-one, hard to see anyone

And I´m
Loved, empty and done

I got away...but didn´t I pay ?
Let it go, let it burn, fire and smoke into water turn
I´m runaway...Was I afraid ?
Let it break, let it skin, false and lies into true turn

From the east to the west, passing lights on the crests
And what is dear to me, that is far from here
Then a hope comes with a cheap spirit
Will the name of mine, will it ever merit ?
Forced to pretend, as long as I fit in

While the life bursts into my bubble
Trying to make an excuse, to avoid the abuse
From down below, to high above, Can´t get enough

Cause I´m
Loved, empty and gone
Cause I´m
Loved, empty and gone