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The BladderStones blues-crossover / Slaný

„27.2. - 29.2. 2020 MORAVA“

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Text skladby And The Life...

z alba Without Cover (2017)

Autor hudby: The BladderStones
Autor textu: The BladderStones

My pride and mind was high as a bird
We are having breakfast together
I'm thinking about your smudget shirt

At the time I couldn´t help your ma
And the shadow came, creepin through this room
I remember my fathers funeral
Kill it, before it reaches a bloom

God knows you are pretty
When you sleep on a cot
No clouds in the sky
Silence is in the city
Your little heart is poundin´ a lot
And your life rolls by

I'm around you, but I dont know where
My determination must be steely
You are yelling loudly to my ear
I remember this sound quite freely

You can´t tell me what's on your mind
I mean it, i don´t have a crystal ball
My momentary meaning of life
Is to pick you up each time you fall