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The BladderStones blues-crossover / Slaný

„27.2. - 29.2. 2020 MORAVA“

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Text skladby For Once

z alba Without Cover (2017)

Autor hudby: The BladderStones
Autor textu: The BladderStones

I´m afraid we are slaves of human nature
We say this and that, what we might and might not have
Breed full of greed and old memories of freedom
Happiness and love, no such things come to our minds
More to get and less to give
Nobody resists

And I didn´t know, that life could be so empty
We pay for a play, and there is no night or day
Feelings out of sight, without passion and without fight
Chased ourselves to death, to realise nothing left
More to get and less to give

For once...try not to posess
Let it pass...express...just dance
For once...try not to advance
Unless...unless...it´s the only chance
To be...a better man

Believe me I´ve seen, way too much of madness
Everyone has a fame, and a dopamine lust in a brai
Naked as we came, to become something without shame