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The BladderStones blues-crossover / Slaný


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Text skladby East Side Story

z alba Bored Of Love (2014)

Autor hudby: Jan Jůdl
Autor textu: Jan Jůdl

I was a punk from a small town
There wasn´t any river which flows down
And the streets were still so quiet
Just peace man, so why not riot?
When I called my mother
And there was nothing to say

In Eastern Europe was this place
Where we lived in a communist haze
And then came the awaited freedom
But I didn´t have a reflective wisdom
And everywhere I went my brother
It Ended up rather....wrong

I need you for living
Like an air for breathing
But I´ve got you in my vains
Nothing left, but stains

Now I´m a sad man of a god
All my friends are asking me: Are you nuts?
And the world keeps on turning
But my heart isn´t burning

So tell me holy father
Is everything just your funny play?

Isn´t it ?