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    Shadows [demo]

Text skladby Shadows

z alba Shadows [demo]

Autor hudby: Oliver Sept
Autor textu: Oliver Sept

Looks like Autumn is back
It would never need a reason
And it sees me through
Being cold like a prison
It will cover the roads
With thousands of leaves
Wrapping up our thoughts
Fixing our misdeeds
And it whispers to me
You're wasting your life
You're a shadow of man
No more flush in a hive
But whe sun scrambles down
Shadows all disappear
Hold your breath for a second
Now we are free.

And if the colour of the road turns red and there's no god.
I'm not breaking down, I'm not breaking up.
Your body's trying to revenge but that's about your heart.
I'm not breaking down, I'm not breaking up.

Now listen to me
You're not telling the truth
What's the difference between
Remorse and tools
Or give me a sign
A shelter to find
Tell me what is good
Am I one of a kind?
There are many souls
All offended by time
Seeking their refuge
But there's nowhere to hide
There is nowhere to live
There is nowhere to be
No more soulmates around
To come and fix me