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tasted! power-garage / Praha

„15.9.2020 - Cross Club, Praha!“

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Text skladby False Flag Ghost

z alba Dirty Sand

Autor hudby: tasted!
Autor textu: Lukáš Tejnor

Whole world is driveling loudly
So I can't hear the beating of my heart anymore

Who am I? I can't remember
I ramble round in grey, I've lost my keys and I can't get home

In this crowd i feel alone

When I look inside myself
Through my darkest hell
This affliction is not pointless
It leads beneath my shell

What is this? A giant maelstrom
And when I'm sucked inside I must go through and I'm alone

On the road, it's my new home

Once I was a false flag ghost
Fearing every loss
Now I know I ain't got nothing
Now I've got to go