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Synth-Me Label industrial-gothic / Praha

Playlist kapely
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  • Alpha IrRadiation - Psycho 2.0
  • N-616 - Showing Up
  • Zyklus :N: - Childhunter
  • London Sadness - My Denial
  • N8STROM2618 - Sleepless
  • Sireirom - Dysphoria
  • Sturmmann - Ich Bin Bereit!
  • Synthetische Lebensform - Impact of Technology
  • Synthetische Lebesform - Subsequence
  • Asdeandare - Industrial Rise!
  • Distortion Six - Weak
  • KryoniK Moon - Volmond
  • Mea Vita - Secret Light
  • Omnimar - Ego Love
  • Segentot - Amphitimia
  • Antilav - In My Dreams
  • Uho za Oko - Poezija
  • Ultimate Soldier feat. Lukk - Ready to Fight
  • Vile Flesh - C On Fession
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Vydavatelství: Synth-Me


Gefaehrte - Surrender

14. 7. 2017

Internet-label Synth-Me is glad to present its listeners second album of German experimental electronic project Gefaehrte. 7 years after the debut album project, which is actually the side-project of synth-goth formation Zyklus :N:, the German experimentalist created the second album with varied range of genres. Airiness of ambient interlacing with experimentality of IDM, roughness of rhythmic noise penetrates into the sentimentality of synth-goth and all of this is spiced with soft atmospheric electro-industrial elements. Some of the tracks contains female vocals, which adds some kind of charm and making the album even more interesting. The new album “Surrender” will be released for free download on the official Synth-Me label website and on the official Bandcamp page. Synth it up!