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Sweet Leopard glam-hard rock / Ostrava

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  • Not the Girl for Me (single 2019)
  • Look of Love
  • Fairytale (New Song)
  • Shock Me! Thrill Me! Love Me!
    Shock me! Thrill me! Love me!
  • Song Code To Your Love !!! (Kit Solo)
    Shock me! Thrill me! Love me!
  • My little pussy
    Shock me! Thrill me! Love me!
  • City of the Sin
    Shock me! Thrill me! Love me!
  • Fuck That Bitch
    Wild Ride Hot Night
  • Dr. Rock
    Wild Ride Hot Night
  • Old good times
    Wild Ride Hot Night

Sweet Leopard - I Was Born For Rock'n'Roll (official HD video)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 18.7.2015
This is the official video clip of the band Sweet Leopard.
Video clip for the single I Was Born For Rock'n'Roll.
Created in summer 2015.

Sany Angelo -- vocals, acoustic guitar
Michael Kit -- guitar, backing vocals
J.C. Smith -- bass guitar, backing vocals
DogFox Pedro -- drums, backing vocals

Camera and editing: Jiří Duchoslav, Michal Hnojský
Thanx: Jiří Duchoslav, Michal Hnojský ...and and all our fans.