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    In Their Names
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Text skladby I See You Not

z alba In Their Names

Autor hudby: Ego BMK
Autor textu: Morgause

Slithering around in the liquid fog of bitterness
You attempt to burn the worlds by flames smeared with foolishness

Venomous plains of rotting smoke
Are landing you thick cloak
Whilst you hide the struggle to comprise
The crippled creatures that you invoke

Ashes of pain and splinters of doom
You’re sizzling out in the purest madness
But your fate you entomb
So deep inside your spitefulness
See how you choke on your fear

Obnoxious existence
I hear you not
Miserable reminiscence
I see you not

I don’t listen to your lies
I don’t feed you with wars
And the fabric of my mind
Shall never be yours

For I have chosen
To fight with no weapon
I am drowning you into oblivion

Muted and forgotten
You merge with the background
To dissolve in white noise
Emit no light no sound

Lost in the void
Scattered by entropy
Nothing is there
And forever shall be