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Text skladby In Their Names

z alba In Their Names

Autor hudby: Ego BMK
Autor textu: Morgause

Fury of flames
Visions of doom
Through obscured minds
They became real
Angst was their womb
Such that they chose
The eons of greyness
To be your tomb

Savage images of perverted tribes
Reveal the shades
Again and again
Exhuming ancient remains
Manipulated into existence
Through your fears
They are enchaining human fantasies
Imprisoning them in steel frontiers

Mad ceremonies of sacrifice
In their alleged will shall be devised
When all you have is the foul promise
Of artificial malign paradise

With torches lit
You march to kill
In their names
With torches lit
But eyes shut tight
All the same

You form them
And you think you know
The autodafés would let them grow
So you try to make
Fire and stones suppress
Any traces of otherness