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Suffer Age alternative-metal / Nýdek

„EP kdyŽ (2018-19)“

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  • Ares- kdyŽ (2019) 58 ×
  • kdyŽ- kdyŽ (2019) 302 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • Cross Of Death In Eyes- Between (2013) 2 793 × Stáhnout MP3 zdarma
  • The Sea Is True- Between (2013) 906 ×
  • Banishing Dirt- Between (2013) 1 745 ×
  • Suffer Age- Between (2013) 1 073 ×
  • Nostalgie- Between (2013) 1 259 ×
  • 969- Between (2013) 1 297 ×


Nástrojové obsazení: Kytara
Nástrojové obsazení: Bicí
Nástrojové obsazení: Baskytara
Nástrojové obsazení: Syntezátor / Sampler, Piano, klavír
Nástrojové obsazení: Zpěv

Kontakty a odkazy

Dodatečné info



Jméno: Juraj Holéci

Obsazní v kapele: zpěv










Jméno: Michal Roszka

Obsazní v kapele: kytary










Jméno: Dominik Bernkopf

Obsazní v kapele: baskytara










Jméno: Martina ,,Roszková,, Hrušková

Obsazní v kapele: klávesy










Jméno: Vítězslav Zawada

Obsazní v kapele: bicí


Bio a historie


Suffer Age started playing in 2007 as a project of guitarist Michal and his sister keyboard player Martina from Třinec. A lot of members changed in first years and first concerts of this young metal band, which played mostly own songs made by guitarist Michal. In 2009 came bassguitarist David and in 2010 singer Juraj from Slovakia, who completely changed style of band from heavy metal to something more alternative because of his grunge voice. Since this time Suffer Age expand from Třinec to another parts of Czech republic and Slovakia. Last change happened in 2012, when Viťas came to drums. This strong composition started to made new songs and record first album, which was released in the end of 2013 and was called Between. From this time Suffer Age played many concert in Czech and Slovakia, also some acoustic things was done, they made big progress and in 2016 you can expect new album full of great new songs.