Stuck In Mind - Text skladby Own feast time z alba EP 2014 |
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Stuck In Mind garage-punk / Kladno

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Text skladby Own feast time

z alba EP 2014

Own feast time

Day is coming to ist end but ist not over yet morning is far my friends

Late for one for other great time to be reckless and fine keep head mournigless

Stay untill your on your legs and then just fell your face beer soaked flooral freshness

Wait you thing that youve been framed missing memory lane its late for your rerets

Fuck the christmass im not a christian

and i can have my own feast time

im sure i will have more fun

starting with bottle

Ramadan is not what i want

im not a fool i got my own mind

i wont pretend fasting for month

when after sun gets downi can fill my mouth

The darkest spot is under candlestick

so im confused i still must thing

why there is seven shining lights on a fucked up manorah

Day is coming to ist en but ist not over yet there is more to come my friends

Haze of night has landed worship the spirits and fill your glass to the edge

Straigh to hell will lead our steps if we keep doing thisfor god sake who would care

Way more fun then you would say may close to be insane were gona celebrate