Stuck In Mind - Text skladby Wish z alba EP 2014 |
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Stuck In Mind garage-punk / Kladno

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Text skladby Wish

z alba EP 2014


From deepest corners of my heart

Was comming voice so strong i cant even describe

Keep telling me to go far

Far across the world to find what i was looking for but never found

Desire lead my steps

Push me forward and keep me staggerless

Hold my head high and pain suppress

Refuse the fail admit nothing but success

All for treasure all for luck all for present which i never got

And all my weakness were set a part im not even close to start to crawl

Im looking forward ever dawn the distance now doesnt seems so far

And all my doubts were left behind

I will stay strong i wont decline

And like a gift for believing

A lighthouse appeared

Way to go revealed

I couldnt see now i can see it

I feel it in my back the little freeze

What i wanted most seems to be near

Most preccious thing what i ever search

My deepest wish soon wil be filled will be filled