Strangemind - Text skladby Raven z alba Tempting Voices |
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Strangemind alternative-rock / Plzeň

„Nový singl "Králova lež"“

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Text skladby Raven

z alba Tempting Voices


The whispering of crow wings
in the night is cruel
when my tormented soul lies
where a dark ghost king rules
just the marble statue (without mistake)
with a raven is my friends
nevermore is a statement (statement)
that scares me to death

We are both in prison
that looks like a house
where walls are made of feelings
and coldness never dies
all the empty spaces (without mistake)
are full of enemies
who feign the sorrow (sorrow)
when I`m on my knees

Every day I ask myself for the reason
tell me why
I never see your point
please don`t try to lie
sorry, but we are alike
you are my inspiration
I`m surrendered to fate
I can`t take my life into consideration

The thorns of the rose
penetrate my skin
heaven is closed
I`m the servant of Black Queen

The whispering …

Every day …

I found the hidden spy
(who slept in your mind)
waiting for the flash
(burns you so high)
let me be in sorrow
(you want to be alone)
I`m driving into crash
(out of the trash)