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Spreading Dread melodic-death / Praha

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Text skladby Sanatorium 2

z alba Homo Debilis

Autor hudby: Šimon Kotrč
Autor textu: Lukáš Fujan

the place where you can hide
to rid me of my ghosts
drawn from the world outside
among the things that i fear most

so when i put myself between these grey walls
could i be also held here against my choice

maybe every treatment will simply fail
if the environment is cold and pale
maybe it's just for comfort of hypocrits so they
don't have to put their eyes on „that bastard that is blocking their way"

we'll teach you what is true
oh do you have the right
we'll soon get over you
now when i can't fight

they bind you there at first, make your body weak
then satisfy their thirst, mind is what they seek

no screams of anguish leak from this place
just let me go
those who don't fit dig their own lifetime graves
blessed by the law

the drugs are slowly overwhelming
my resistance and will to live are fading

cold showers quench all doubts
sedatives ruin your guts
confinement in small cell
straight jacket tightened well

the sanatorium - you can't see the patient if it's the doctor's wish
the sanatorium - they won't help you find the path when you are lost in your head
the sanatorium - when they're finished there are no paths after it
the sanatorium - behind blooming gardens where human lives wither away