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Spreading Dread melodic-death / Praha

„Poslední večeře homo debilis“

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Text skladby Life Paradox

z alba Homo Debilis

Autor hudby: Šimon Kotrč
Autor textu: Lukáš Fujan

it all starts back in your youth
time that you hardly remember
and while the learning is smooth
kid’s innocence can’t see a slander

your role is prepared for you, in school they tech you who to be
then you spend so many years learning things you will never need

when you had plenty of time
and energy for your dream plans
you lacked the needed backline
money and good connections

while you chase your own goals every day
you don’t notice the constant change
the reasons why are not the same
and conditions have rearranged

and what about relationships
that’s some of the greatest shits
trusting in love from the start
just left bruises on your heart
when you wanted girls the most
there was not much you could boast
of so fuck off

you worked hard and got pervy so you could afford every whore
you have them now but your dick won’t get hard anymore

this is the way it works
like puppets for someone‘s fun
the life paradox
and the grand finale comes:

the wise man lies
on his death bed and he sees all lies
and as he transcends, all his experience
are lost behind his cold eyes