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Spreading Dread melodic-death / Praha

„Poslední večeře homo debilis“

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Text skladby Prayer For The Living

z alba Age of Aquarius

great cataclysms divide
the long ages passing by
yet some principles are permanent
under the firmament

there are mechanisms damping
the observer’s understanding
of divine geometric order
but there’s still a shift of borders

the inborn urge forces generations to look up and pray
a wish that is selfless, let evolution redeem us from our failures
if we do not make the Maker bored in our dreamed world
then let our descendants be allowed more and remain involved

we aren’t here for nothing
the trailblazing rays meet
in the stargazers‘ eyes
ever-present archivists
record the relay race
Isis and Osiris
the age of Aquarius

it’s got this far with what’s been sworn
that I know if I’ll now die and be reborn
I’ll feel the same inward pull to you again
even when the skies will fall, galaxies crumble to their core
still the desire, the principle of love, will embrace the star fire
giving new life . . . presentiment of light