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Spreading Dread melodic-death / Praha

„Poslední večeře homo debilis“

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Text skladby Karmic Wheels

z alba Age of Aquarius

we have been roving for aeons
having mapped all the known universe
endless search for better conditions
is there a place left for us to stay

many of the less fortunate nations
have been punished for the primal sin
after millennia of facing annihilation
they forgot about their origin

repeatedly the one question comes to my mind
all the time if the whole civilization is in decline
our new ways compensate and replace what is forsaken and evermore lost in time
constant decline

evolving to break
the karmic wheels
that connect our fates
through cosmic years

all wise men and scientists
in every galaxy
delve into matter as much as they’re allowed
seeking a way out
the door is beyond each coordinate
leak between dimensions, goal of their intentions

dig deep down
shatter time

the fabric of space
crumbles under weight
attention’s focus
fractals in ruckus

infinity will reveal again something else
a superior karmic wheel and universe

we’ve come to the point of contradiction
the solid world might be just fiction
and what’s woven in our thoughts and dreams
then steals into the ongoing scenes