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Spreading Dread melodic-death / Praha

„Poslední večeře homo debilis“

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Text skladby Conspiracy

z alba Age of Aquarius

in antique times aliens landed
to mine the gold
deception behind masks of gods
innocent heaven and peace ended
natives were told
commandments that were quite at odds

with order of organic nature ‘cause they only cared
to sift through ground for precious stone and so they
created a new breed, deft workers imbued with greed
who, in relation to their own planet, pay no heed

thousands of years they have attempted
to seize control
by collecting power and wealth
now the daring slavers extended
their twisted goal
to play with balance on whole earth

if there’s a secret plan I hope that all those who decide
just realize what’s going on, what is at stake
genetic mutations, artificial creation
of pandemic viruses and then vaccination

besides inherited strange anatomy
men are torn from their world by dichotomy
born from experiment sown in mother land
and their actions show disturbing resemblance
having free hand their efforts are quite the same
curiosity to use but not maintain
since their fathers from the stars make no amends
it’s a progress getting through the age of pubescence

sometimes we don’t get why we’re doing what we do
illusion that we’re free to choose
self-proclaimed puppeteers will one day have to cope
with their midget role under greater scope

neural system’s been made
innerved by electric grid
collective consciousness
telepathic connection
with the broadcasting on
over all frequencies
data waves passing through all
so come on now