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Spreading Dread melodic-death / Praha

„Poslední večeře homo debilis“

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Text skladby Oil-Stained

z alba Age of Aquarius

nature may perform a regeneration
plough all its scars with twining roots
but damnation
that's buried waits to be set loose
and legacy
covered in ash and dust of ground and mist of time
will yield the truth

conception of slow linear turn of events
is shaking before what is being found
oil is a proof of leap and no doubt there still waits
a chest of knowledge scattered underground

Pandora's box has been unsealed
and soon enough
many farmers will leave their field
for the city to seek fortune in dirty industry

many achievements
were made by slave labour
but sole increments
can hardly be a long-term saviour

lots of folk live in total estrangement
from both magic and nature, I
don't want to have the black oil as a sand
in the hourglass of our culture's time

dark oil is never going to rest
as long as there are remains left
contagion that makes hearts incensed
by greed and violence
all things that are material are only means to express everything else
despite technical advancements we're unhappy nevertheless

this curse of mankind - perverted tendency to take
self-punishment once you are stained
masochist's passion - to do again what caused the pain
it's hard to believe it comes from earth

it doesn’t matter what we currently fancy
surely it's always a short-sighted scale
if we don't account new found discrepancies
conservative stance will always make us fail

it's clear that high-energy deposits
on the planet are not unlimited
in the name of warfare if we're gonna waste
all fossil and nuclear fuels
along with them our chances will dissipate
defenceless we'll be left to watch the skies
and wait for saviours to arrive from the stars
or cataclysm that will end our lives
gigantic waves will sweep the organic mass
to make a space for the next batch breed
after we're all burned, buried, heated and pressed
we'll form the fuels for their need