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Spreading Dread melodic-death / Praha

„Poslední večeře homo debilis“

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Text skladby Devolution

z alba Age of Aquarius

since the very beginning
all creation is doomed
wheel of fortune is spinning
reward is the future ruined

the original idea may
always seem to be good
but fear of what’s not understood
will bring it to decay

to entropy
and wish of those who are low and weak
for equality
will destroy all unique

last king’s homicide, death to old blood
pogroms and witch-hunts, purging bloodbath

glyphs of dragons and giants
guard silent forlorn halls
in cities lost and ancient
like language on their walls

things beyond comprehension
the work of oracles
who see spirals in circles
and guard our dimension

from breach of demons
but what will happen once they’re gone
hell will feast upon
the world with empty throne