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Spreading Dread melodic-death / Praha

„Poslední večeře homo debilis“

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Text skladby Revelation of Dreads

z alba Sanatorium

Autor hudby: Šimon Kotrč
Autor textu: Lukáš Fujan

walking down the old familiar lane
brings something new every time
even if the street would be still the same
his eyes will differently shine

for a long time has he frantically traced
some useless virtual goals
a fool would sow his dreams in future days
and wait while the time flows

all that happens is a matter of choice
and after doing something
for a hundredth time there’s no rejoice
not even fear of the end blows up feelings

in his dreams he feels he’s not asleep
he’s itching after a rest
from himself and so he patiently keeps
telling himself soothing tales

after we are materially raised we are on our own
who is to teach us all the things that can’t be well explained or shown

always being chased
by shadows of the past
he’s so scared to pace
the road to inner space
endless rebuilding
of the former shames
meant to relieve him
he tries to rinse off sin

unrest is endlessly screaming inside
desperate chill in his eyes
but before putting an end to this life
he commits to a preacher and here’s his advice:

“you’d better reconsider
before you pull the trigger
consequence is immense..”
and some vague arguments
there’s no bad, there’s no good
there’s only what we approve
voices fade in silence
suddenly everything starts to make sense

from hell to paradise
everything overlaps in us
and common alter ego to all is the universe

always being chased
by shadows of past
once in inner space
i’m turned about-face
endless unveiling
of some thwarting shells
the secret’s protected
as i’m made forget it

in search for identity the subject errs
as it tries to depict itself
doomed to roam in a loop of patterns
that apparently never ends

we were thrown in this life
to find options how to thrive
always scared to let go
what’s under our temporary control
but the more i get near
deeper sense of ‘now and here’
everything gets more weird
for the sake of sanity i conceal it all

all that’s certain is a motion and change
in the world of contraries
now i utilize every new point of view
whatever’s imaginable is true

after all there is the place that still waits
where i cannot be not myself
where everything exists at the same time
there is no dividing line between past and what’s to come
while actor, director and audience is one