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Spreading Dread melodic-death / Praha

„Poslední večeře homo debilis“

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Text skladby Doubts

z alba Sanatorium

Autor hudby: Šimon Kotrč
Autor textu: Lukáš Fujan

not that I would be any
closer to find my course
the whole world is enemy
contest of the predators

is this the natural way to carry through personal interests?
it ain’t very conducive, that infamous survival of the fittest

there are many organisations
that proclaim they can save your butt
yet don’t expect any redemption
they only want their cut

anyway you’re free to explore
whatever there might be in the core, but
comprehension’s not guaranteed
eventually you will also do
what you don’t want to be done to you, ‘cause
circumstances change attitude

what is our chance
to emancipate
wilfully tear down the gates of our fates‘ resemblance
to feel in our moods
just the flavour of
chemical mash in our body machines

what should I fill my time with now
to entertain myself before giving up
something is pulling my leg
telling me to take its hand
but if I give in will I still remain sane?

it’s better not to tell
because it’s so hard to explain
all the disturbing thoughts, visions, parallels
certain interests might want me in nut-house again

situations are passing one another
with occasional discontinuities
oscillation between observing and
alteration of reality
sometimes it doesn’t seem to be
myself who is steering the wheel
through how many veils my eyes really gaze?

no, I have seen too much to
still believe in coincidence
or that there’s nothing else but
what we normally sense

idle are labels such as ‘blind fool’ or ‘paranoid’
life just takes every chance to endure on the edge of void