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Sparking Fuse rock / Brno

„Kapela ukončila svou činnost“

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Text skladby Living At Night

z alba In The Shadow Of Decadence

Autor hudby: Sparking Fuse
Autor textu: Martin Duchaň

I have to meet you every day
See your face, listen what you say
Then only at night
I can be alright

In the morning sun kills the night
I have to get up and see you
You are in my mind
I can't get away you

Drops of my worries
Rain of memories
Falls from the sky

I wanna fall asleep tonight
as soon as possible I can
Go out of this world
forget my problems

I wanna but I can't scream
I think I must be really fool
mad land is my dream
where I make rules

Sleep in the world of mourning
Dream for peace of my soul
Here i see my grain of fortune
In the desert of hope

The night is coming to the end
Welcome to reality
I lose my mad land
for all eternity