Soul Decoder - Text skladby Atonement z alba Haal-Å-Khul |
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Soul Decoder melodic-death / Praha

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Text skladby Atonement

z alba Haal-Å-Khul

Autor hudby: Soul Decoder
Autor textu: Soul Decoder

As you have done so many horrible things
Everyone left you like this on your own
You have to sacrifice yourself and face it
Bringing you back at the whole new begining

Take the responsibility and be aware
Because you are the outlaw now

Don't ever try to hesitate about your faith

Remember...I made you who you don't you dare to dissapoint me now

Every single of your weakneses shall be tested
No mercy with ones who betrayed their friends
For all the deeds you have done you shall repent

Remember...I am your don't even try to disrespect me.

Now your chance is here!
Remedy your reputation
Now is your turn to change it!
Don't waste this chance

I, I'am your god
Don't you dare to turn away
This is your redemption
It's time to restore your predilection

Left the past behind and wake up
As you used to be

It't Atonement time

It's Atonement time time to arise
Everyone makes me feel to wear disguise