Soul Decoder - Text a video Salt in Wounds z alba Haal-Å-Khul |
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Soul Decoder melodic-death / Praha

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Text skladby Salt in Wounds

z alba Haal-Å-Khul

Autor hudby: Soul Decoder
Autor textu: Soul Decoder

So it has come to this
You lashed me to yourself
Chained me with you words of hope
Sweet scent is misguiding
Leading me asrtray

You are putting the salt into my wounds
to make sure my scars will never heal!

Through pain I saw it clearly
You are nothing more than just a stain on the canvas of my life

Stain that needs to be cleaned
Stain that I can take care of

Your words so promising,
Your deeds leaving me lifeless

I became a husk only to make you feel complete

The way you treated me
The way you looked at me
It was so obvious
So why did i stayed?
Maybe i was longing for an better ending
But you will never change your true substance of cold

I´ll cut you out
You lying piece of filth
Don´t you ever dare
To say my name again

I´ll cut you out
There is nothing left for you
You´ve taken all
And gave nothing in return

I hope you´re sleeping tight my dear
Sweetly innocent but your end is near
One last kiss before I slit your throat

I stare as your blood soaks into your sheets
My smile has returned as your heatbeat ceased