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13. května 2019
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  • Sugar
    Sugar House
  • Drug
    Sugar House
  • Blood
    Sugar House
  • Caffeine
    Sugar House
  • Venom
    Sugar House
    Ellis EP
    Liberty Island
    Liberty Island
  • LAURA feat. Jiri Vosahlik of Suffocate With Your Fame
    Liberty Island
  • LOST

Skywalker – Drug (Official Live Video)

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 18.12.2018
Video shot and edited by Jachym Belcher on tour with Beartooth. Mixing/Mastering by Seb Barlow, music by Skywalker. Taken from ‘Sugar House’ (2017)

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There’s a silence but violence tonight in your eyes.
There’s a grief but belief that things will turn out fine.
It’s this firm look that burns. My one biggest fear’s
when I open my eyes and you’re no longer here.
This is how love makes you smile and then kisses you goodbye.
I know I could do better. I keep pushing you away.
I always find the right words when there’s nothing left to say.
I want to see your beauty shine on the wings of a dove.
Pour your love down on me like a raincloud from above.
This too shall pass but I keep hanging on.
We’re getting lost in what we’re hoping for.
You make me feel like I can split the world in two.
Entire galaxies collide inside of you.
This is how love makes you cry.