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13. května 2019
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  • Sugar
    Sugar House
  • Drug
    Sugar House
  • Blood
    Sugar House
  • Caffeine
    Sugar House
  • Venom
    Sugar House
    Ellis EP
    Liberty Island
    Liberty Island
  • LAURA feat. Jiri Vosahlik of Suffocate With Your Fame
    Liberty Island
  • LOST


Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 1.8.2017
Lyric video by SKYWALKER performing "Blood" from Sugar House (C) 2017

::: LYRICS :::

So what? This is a blasphemy. How could you ever relate to me?
It is you or me. The dichotomy. Whatever you have is not for me.
Let me be. Can’t you see in my eyes it’s just another waste of time?
And even if you mean these words, my integrity comes first.
So let me seek my own salvation.
This you can guide me all the way through?
I may be week but I don’t need you.
I’ll break the dam, I’ll start a flood.
Fuck the emotions. This is blood.
And I see you from a distance.
It’s as raw as it gets. It’s as honest as it gets.
Forever see you from a distance.
You played hard to get. Now I live with regret.