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13. května 2019
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"Jelly School" [TOUR VIDEO CANADA 2013]

Oficiální videoklip Vznik: 19.12.2014
Tour video by SKYWALKER performing single "JELLY SCHOOL". (C) 2013

Edit, postproduction: Tomáš Hennel (Criminal Colection)

::: LYRICS :::
I run around when something's going down.
I'm catching sounds, she's waiting for a sign.
We're getting close at the point we're getting far.
If there's a heart inside my chest, it's torn apart.
she said:
Mind the water baby, cuz you may drown, you may drown.
I am water baby, and you may drown, you may drown.
I watch the dove, dropping under love
that she brings when she spreads her wings.
Because I only ever love what she brings,
suddenly I hate summer and spring.
I said:
I got lost inside you,
cuz I have drown, I have drown.
Let me die inside you,
let me drown, yeah, let me drown.