Skywalker - Text skladby Decadence z alba Liberty Island |
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Skywalker post hardcore / Praha


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Text skladby Decadence

z alba Liberty Island

Autor hudby: Skywalker
Autor textu: Jan Kučera

What makes us so different?
What makes us who we are?
I won't put judgement on your race, faith or anything.
So do not make hell of my life.
You've placed your life in your debt, and that's a lie.
You build a wall, build a wall again.
Where we can't just be friends.
You break the heard, break the mind again.
Insert financial plans.
Spare my father and let him go home to his family.
It's not fair to ruin our lives.
Don't break people through money. Don't create dreams of happiness.
You made them fall apart.
Look at me, you can't understand me. That's what you think.
I'm a renegade - dangerous 'cause I was made to take us to the brink.
Where you open your eyes for the first time, and let your heart see.
It seems that we don't have anything in common.
But this time I'm not your enemy.