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Skywalker post hardcore / Praha


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Text skladby Fraud

z alba Babylon

This is a story of an everyday fraud,
one we all know but shall never be told
People I trust turn their backs and run away
You chose your way to be forever enslaved

You shut the gate of the city that's grey
Burn, Babylon, burn. (3x)
I wash my soles of you because you want me to.

Never again,
never ever never do I wanna see you again,
you're not my friends,
you seek forgivness, then say that you're sorry.

Never again,
never ever do I wanna go thru it again,
wanna break these chains,
redemption comes but through the sins that you carry.

And I don't mean to say I hate you
but I am not going to follow your path
Stay in the grey or keep in the dark
you keep that Babylon, and I'll carry on

But when the time runs out, tell us who will be the last (who will be the last / to see right through)