Silverymoon - Text skladby Night Requiem z alba Night Requiem EP |
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Silverymoon power-metal / Praha

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  • Night Requiem (EP 2012) 463 ×
  • Last Day Of Heroes (EP 2012) 305 ×
  • Last Day Of Heroes (orchestral) (EP 2012) 160 ×

Text skladby Night Requiem

z alba Night Requiem EP

Autor hudby: Michal Pěnkava, Aleš Rada
Autor textu: Michal Pěnkava

I walk alone in moon shadows
And tears burn on my face
I curse all what I loved
In hell I lived my life
From hell there are no ways

My heart´s open for feelings
But no one wants to see
Instead of happiness
I feel sadness in me
That slowly devours me

My time has come
Blood washes my fear off
Crimson and dark seeps into the land
I wanted to live but I suffered only
Darkness binds me finally
I hear the knell of church bell
The cold´s taking my last breath

I can feel the love around myself
But it is not for me
My mind will cry without end
I know I‘ll die lonely
And no one´ll weep for me